Phuc’s Fond is a Norwegian registered charity that is reckognised by the Vietnamese authorities. The charity is based on voluntary contributions and is politically and religiously independent.

Phuc’s Fond is managed from Norway, mainly by the founder and managing director Phuc Nguyen and the Norwegian board, and has contact persons in many countries. In Vietnam, the organisation is run by a group of 60 students who carry out activities in Hue and the surrounding areas. This group is coordinated by a small group, who reports directly to the managing director in Norway. Many people want to help, and as many as 150 students are on a waiting list to become voluntary workers. In addition, many professionals contribute with their competence and time in order to carry out various activities.

Phuc’s Fond is well known in Vietnam, and numerous people contact the organisation to get help. Making sure the help reaches the most needy is a big task. All work is done on a voluntary basis, and all funds raised are spent helping the poor. Nothing goes to administration.

Phuc’s Fond is financed by gifts and donations from private persons and companies all over the world.
160 donation boxes have been placed around the world.
Every year the Fond organises a charity concert in Hue. Some of the best known artists in Vietnam give their performance for free, and the concert is broadcast on national and local TV. Donators all over the world pay for tickets which are then given to poor people of Hue. The profits from the concert go to the Fond. In 2014, profits from the concert amounted to $ …….. In addition to being an good source of income, the concert contributes to making the Fond known and reckognised all over Vietnam.
The fact that many people donate their competence and time for free, enables us to achieve a lot.

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