Family day
In addition to supporting the orphanages Uu Dam ans Duc Son food supplies that last for months, the Fond organises a Family day every month. The family days are funded by sponsors in Norway and other countries. Local volunteers in Vietnam arrive early at the orphanages and divide themselves and the children into groups that are going to do the different tasks of that day. They go shopping at the market, cook and eat together, play together….all things that normal families do but are usually unobtainable for the orphans. The Fond has also started arranging family days at the elderly people’s home Dieu Vien. Many of the elderly have no family, and they really appreciate having visitors and someone to talk to.

School and education is important, and the Fond has a tradition for giving scholarships. Every year, 60-70 school pupils and 40-70 students receive scholarships from the Fond. Some of the students have sponsors in Norway who support them regularly.

Food hampers
Every month, the Fond hands out food hampers to 30 of the most needy families. The hamper contains 10 kg of rice, noodles, fish sauce, soy sauce, cooking oil, spices and 300 000 dong in cash.
The total value of a hamper is $………

Hospital patients in Vietnam are charged full price for the treatment they receive. In addition they depend on help and food from family or friends. Not all patients have this support from family or others, hence the Fond helps twice a month by handing out 100 hampers each time to the most needy. The hamper contains food and money.

Emergency aid
Vietnam is located in an area vulnarable to natural disasters. The Fond helps when distaster strikes. The Fond has supported people who have had accidents, and others who have lost everything in floods or other disasters.

Medical aid
If we are ill, we need help to get well. In Vietnam it is very expensive to be ill. Many people cannot afford treatment or medication. The Fond pays for medical treatment and food for patients. As from summer 2014, a group of doctors have volunteered to do some charitable work for the Fond. They travel to areas whith few or no other doctors available and provide help. The Fond pays for the medical equipment needed as well as medication.
As from November 2014, a team of 5-8 eye doctors will travel around to give surgery to people who are affected by cataract. The doctors are volunteers, and the Fond pays for equipment, after surgery treatment, and necessary transport of patients.

The Fond has arranged contact between Liland school in Bergen, Norway, and Vy Da school in Hue, Vietnam. In connection with this, the Vy Da school has received 12 computers, and 120 pupils have received a school uniform and a starter pack for school. Last April, Liland school arranged an exhibition of tokens that the pupils of the two schools had sent to each other.

Aid to school children
Every year the Fond hands out starter packs to pupils in two schools, one of which is the friendship school Vy Da. The starter pack consists of 120 school uniforms, school bags and other equipment.
Another school received 5 computers.
Every year the Fond pays the health insurance for 100 of the most needy school children. This costs $ ……per insurance.

«My home is my castle», people say. The Fond has fulfilled this dream for some families who were suffering in very poor housing contitions. We have bilt 6 new houses, and hope to build more. The building work is carried out by local companies, and each house costs approximately $………..

Other activities
In the summer of 2014, Phuc’s Fond arranged an autumn celebration party for 1800 children, divided in four grups. Each of the children were treated to a meal and a goodie bag. Then they watched a film on a big screen, which was very exciting. Some of the children had never seen a film before, and for them this was a very special experience.

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